Aleroth Archmage Bracelet
Silver Bracelet
From the Aleroth Archmage Set
Type Bracelet
Requirements Level 17
Stats +1 to Magic Missile - Active Skill
Enchantments Damage Aura - Enemies that harm you with weapons have a 6% chance of suffering 2 shocks of 3 magic damage
Obtainable during The Second Coming quest.

It's a piece from the Aleroth Archmage Set.

"Unique and incredibly powerful, the pieces of this set were fashioned by Aleroth's first Archmage: the famed Mardaneus. Though he was burried in his paraphernalia, graverobbers must have desecrated his last resting place for soon parts of the set were sold on the black market for exorbitant prices. And so they sometimes fell into good hands, though more often into bad ones."