Location Battle Tower Interior
From Sassan
Rewards XP & gold
2 additional options

You need to make your way inside the Battle Tower, past bandits and walking armors. Near the entry you also have to kill the bandit Gabe. Inside you need to kill a few more bandits. Sassan the abomination will try to block your path with rubble. Talk to Elijah who's locked up in a cell and set him free. He will tell you there's a hidden door in the storage cell and then run off. Go to the back of that cell. There's a button on the left wooden pole. Press it and the back wall will disappear. Go right and there's another button, which will give you access to the cell with the broken gate. Pick up the key next to the skeleton (surrounded by green light). Go back and follow the path to the South where you'll have to kill a few Skeletal Grunts. Pick up the two Explosive crates from the table and use the key on the chest. Now go back out to the main hallway and follow it till you come across the rubble blocking you path. Use the Explosive here and run back to the other room while it goes off. This completes the quest. You can use the second crate of Explosive in the newly uncovered tunnel. There's a tunnel to the right that is blocked by rubble. If you clear it you will be able to pick up a key that lies next to a corpse.