Location Broken Valley Village
From Miller Upton / Buad (watermill)
Rewards XP
gold (if you kill Antumbra)
1 additional option

You can find Upton's prison door key in the pot full of lettuce (assuming Stan told you after completing the Band of Brutes quest). Head downstairs and enter the basement to talk to Abanayabar about Upton.
Note: There are some apples around the tree which you can gather. You should keep one apple in your inventory until later - it's required in a quest.
Go back upstairs and talk to Upton (Buad) again to start the quest and then talk to Linda. She will tell you to further inquire Romon, Rose, and Captain Rodney.
Go to the Pig farmer house and talk to Folo's wife, Rose. She will direct you to the burnt chapel, where you will have to defeat Jesse. After that return to the watermill lower level, where Antumbra will be waiting. You can either kill her and save Upton and Linda, or help her and kill the two villagers.