Location Maxos Temple
From Library pedestal
Rewards XP & gold
2 additional options
Bone Dragon Helmet
Lovis' Soul Stone
Book of The Dragon

Enter the puzzle rooms hall by activating the urn to the right of the door at the end of the entry hallways of Maxos Temple.

Go to the left and read the book on the pedestal. Enter the north puzzle room. The only thing you need to touch is the pumpkin on the left side. Three Walking Armour Warriors (level 13) will appear in the hall. Kill them.

Enter the south puzzle room by reading the book on the pedestal in front of it. You need to jump up the ledges until you reach a lever - pulling it will set a ledge in motion. Jump on it and then to the next ledge. Jump to another ledge with another lever - pulling it activates the teleport below. Jump down onto it, then drop to the ledge with 3 levers - pull the first one twice, the other two once. Three ledges will align in a way you can jump across and reach the final lever. Once you pull that three Walking Armour Rangers (level 13) will appear. Kill them too.

Enter the east puzzle room using the teleport that is activated by reading the book on the pedestal. You have to find the difference, which is a golden cup to the left. Use the teleport to go back to the hall, where three Walking Armour Mages (level 13) appeared. Kill them, then use the teleport.

Sassan will appear, so after you talk to it, enter the eternal maze. Go to the left room. The doors close and some Walking Armours (level 13) appear. Kill them. There's a pressure plate on the wall that reveals a hidden room. Go in it and pull the lever, then head to the next room (West). You will have to kill another group of Walking Armours (level 13) before going to the room to the North, where you'll have to kill Walking Armours again. Push the pressure plate on the wall and then pull the lever to open the exit. Go South and leave the eternal maze.

Head down the stairs to the library. Read the book from the pedestal in front of the library to get the quest. Some of Damian's followers (level 12) will be here looking for a book. Kill them, then head up the stairs to talk with The Librarian. Mindread him to learn a new alphabet. He will give you the A Tale of Two Tomes quest. Go below the stairs (having the Librarian above you) to read a book that gives you two stat points. Go West until you reach the crypt shrine. Go left from here. You will run into Abalam, who will ask you to destroy Lovis' Soul Stone instead of delivering it - see the In Cold Blood quest for more info.

Enter the chambers where you'll have to fight more of Damien's followers, Black Ring Soldiers (level 12). Go up the middle stairs and enter the room to the left. Read Fendrel's diary and take the key from the corner. Go to Amdusias' (NW) room. Pull the Book on Dragon Lore, it will reveal a hidden room. Pick up the key, the Phial with blood and go back downstairs. Open the chest that contains the Orbis Arcesso book - read it.

Go back to The Librarian and give him the tome to finish the A Tale of Two Tomes quest - he will give you the second part. Now go all the way West to the Blood Altar room, where you'll have to fight Amdusias. Be careful, as a dragon he's invincible and a pain in the ass. You can use a decoy (your creature or a summoned pet) while you quickly run toward the Blood Altar. On the way pick up the dragon scales (huge shiny stuff on the floor) then use the Orbis Arcesso (part 2) to turn Amdusias into human form so you can kill him. This will end the quest. He will drop Lovis' Soul Stone, Bone Dragon Helmet, a creature part, some gold and other random items. Pick up the Book of The Dragon, which will start the Hall of Echoes Bound quest and give you a stat boost.