Location Sentinel Island
From Hermit
Rewards XP & gold
1 additional option
Mister Shiny
Scorpion Necklace

Get a Wyvern Mother Egg for the Hermit. To be able to safely rob the wyvern nest you need a wyvern salve made from Wyvern Fat from Vacca. You can get the salve by either killing Vacca or by completing his quest, Ghostbuster. Otherwise you have to shoot the wyvern with a bow or magic.

Go toward the wyvern nests and you'll be notified to apply the salve, so accept. Go to the top of the cliff to the last wyvern nest and take the Wyvern Mother Egg. Return it to Hermit and he will give you Mister Shiny, a key used to unlock the chest nearby Jonah that contains the Scorpion Necklace.