Location Sentinel Island
From Vacca
Rewards XP & gold
1 additional option
Wyvern Fat

Vacca will run up to you as you go toward the wyvern cliff. He asks you to rid his cave from ghosts. Enter Vacca's cave and kill the Ghost Crawler Warriors (level 16). Inside you will find Vacca's Gem (worth 5000 gold) and the Hunter Belt inside a chest locked with a key (that's near the chest, next to a skeleton's hand). Before talking to Vacca again, you should go to a merchant and sell his gem, otherwise he'll see that you have it and ask for you to return it. Another option is not to return it, but then he'll attack you and you have to kill him. Either way you will complete the quest and obtain a wyvern salve made out of Wyvern Fat that you can use in the From Soup to Nuts quest.