Location Broken Valley Village
From Lieutenant Louis (barracks)
Rewards XP & gold
1 additional option

Talk to Louis about some extra work and then go to the Burnt Chapel. Examine the altar and descend into the secret passage. You will have to fight Lesser Skeletons (level 4-5) and Outcast Goblins (level 5-6) along the way. Finally you end up right beneath the barracks prison. Climb a ladder to a cell where Martis is being held. After talking to him, head back the way you came. At the stairs the cave will collapse so you will have to continue forward to the cave door that Martis will unlock.

Go straight ahead into the dark alcove. There is a pressure plate sticking out of the wall. Pressing it will reveal a hidden room with a chest that contains a skill book. Continue along the path, killing more Outcast Goblins (level 5-6). Pull the lever to open the door and exit the passage. Talk to Martis again. He will tell you the location of the bandit camp and the password needed to enter it: "beetroot".

Before talking to Louis again, you could go to the Bandit Camp and complete the quests there. After that you can finish the quest. Next time you go to the bandit camp you will see Fenton who will ask for your help in conquering the camp. Agree to help, enter the camp and kill all Camp Bandit Warriors (level 10) and some named bandits (at the training area).