"The way of the Ranger is the one of the hunter, the woodsman.
Master this art, and the enemy will never even see you coming.
You'll walk the wilds quietly as the deer, but you will strike with the force of wolf-fangs.
Just make sure you are always the one doing the hunting, and not the rabbit that stumbles into the snare."


Recommended: Potion Efficiency, Splitting Arrows, Evade, Explosive Arrows.

Notice: In the beginning you can raise your skills to level 5 max. Once you have the obtained the Battle Tower, your trainer will allow you to raise your skills up to level 15.

Picture Name Type Comment
Poison Arrows Poison Arrows Active Shoots poisoned arrows that damage the enemy over time. Useful at the beginning of the game.
Ranger Surprise Ranger Surprise Active Shoots an arrow which lowers the enemy's defence.
Ranger Strength Ranger Strength Passive Increases the damage done with ranged weapons.
Stun Arrows Stun Arrows Active Shoots an arrow which immobilises the enemy for a certain time, works on individual targets.
Ranger Stealth Ranger Stealth Passive Increases the distance from which you can attack for the 1st time.
Potion Efficiency Potion Efficiency Passive Increases the efficiency of potions. Very useful!
Splitting Arrows Splitting Arrows Active Allows to attack and damage quite a big group of enemies at once. Useful.
Evade Evade Passive Increases the chance of evading melee attacks.
Explosive Arrows Explosive Arrows Active Shoots an arrow that additionally explodes and damages the enemies around the blast. A great solution for big groups of foes.
Way of the Ranger Way of the Ranger Active Temporarily increases the damage done by ranged weapons and defence against them.