Scorpion Necklace
Green Gold Amulet
From the Scorpion Set
Type Amulet
Requirements Level 18
Extra stats +2/? to Heightened Reflexes
Stats +3 to Magic Damage
+1 to Mindread - Passive Skill
Enchantments Healing Aura - Heals you slowly with 0.125% per second
Complete the From Soup to Nuts quest

It's a piece from the Scorpion Set.

Depending on how many pieces of the set you are wearing you get extra points to Heightened Reflexes.

"The Black Ring is rife with splinter groups that wage wars amongst themselves as much and as frequently as they do against their many enemies. One of these is the Scorpions, a particularly vicious band of warriors born and bred in the god-forsaken deserts of Yuthul Gor. Their dark accoutrement is of all-but-unrivalled quality and its vicious shapes are the last things beheld by the countless unfortunates who cross their path."