Location Farglow
From Rhode
Rewards XP & gold
1 additional option

Talk to Morgana at the waterfall and ask for the Dragon Memories. Talk to Isobel who will teach you mindreading. Talk to the veterans:

  • Aravir the ranger
  • Alberic the wizard
  • Gawain the paladin

They can each teach you a skill from the classes they represent: Mage, Ranger, respectively Warrior - this decision is not definite while you're in Farglow, so it is recommended to try the skills out on the training ground. This completes the quest, however - before heading back to Rhode - you can continue to talk to Sonja to gain access to the training ground and she will summon some Training Goblins (level 1). After you kill them you can pick up Edmund's chest key and a skill book from the top of the large rock formation.

Edmund's chest key
Farglow skill book