Location Broken Valley Village
From Rhode (Barracks)
Rewards 1500 XP
480 gold
1 additional option

Enter the tomb inside the chapel. In the hallways you will have to kill some Troublesome Skeletons (level 4). When you enter the tomb, instead of going straight ahead, go to the left to pick up a Stats Book and some neat items from the large chest. Make your way toward the center where you will meet the ghost of Lord Arben. Fight him (don't even bother with the skeletons he summons) and you will receive Arben's Sword. Pick up the key from the altar, and the book, then open the other big chest to get the Rivellon Guards Armour along with some random items. Head back to the chapel where Rhode will run up to you and take away Arben's Sword, then rush off to kill the dragon. This will complete the quest.