Areas in the vicinity
Outer Broken Valley
South Bandit Camp Area
West Lake Area
East Jackson's Farm


Tribal Area map
1. Derelict tunnels
L1. Lever
E1. Bellegar's shrine
E2. Willy
C1. Chest with parchment


  • Talana thinks of her cleaver Slayerbane that she lost in flight.


Willy the con-artistEdit

If you go onto the bridge after meeting Talana, Willy will run up to you and try to sell you houses. Do not give him money, because he's trying to con you.

The Talisman of the NorthEdit

Inside the derelict tunnels, you must collect three talismans and then present them in order before the statue of Azimuth that can be found in the middle of the tunnels inside a prison cell. You can also find a dusty tome in the same cell that tells the story of the talismans. Find the three talismans:

  1. the Talisman of the East is near the tribal area exit of the tunnels, in a small chest in a dead end, guarded by a Skeletal Warrior (level 8)
  2. the Talisman of the West is near the citadel tower exit of the tunnels, in a chest inside a small chamber, guarded by a Skeletal Mage (level 8)
  3. the Talisman of the South is near the goblin hamlet exit of the tunnels, in a small chest at the base of a totem, guarded by Black Goblins (level 8-9)

Go back to the statue of Azimuth and start presenting the talismans. First right click on the Talisman of the West and use it. Next raise the Talisman of the East. Finally raise the Talisman of the South and a small chest will appear at the base of the statue that contains the Talisman of the North.


You can find a Parchment in a chest at the goblin hamlet.


Quests marked with * are started in this area, but are (partially) executed in another area.
Quests marked with ** are (partially) executed in this area, but can be started by talking to a character found in another area.