"It is the noblest path a Slayer can follow, and the most satisfying one.
Each enemy is killed up close and personal. You can feel and taste the blood that comes with each victory.
Study the skills that come with the territory, and you and your weapon of choice will become an unstoppable harbinger of death."


Recommended: Fatality, Life Leech, Regenerate, Thousand Strikes, Reflect.

Notice: In the beginning you can raise your skills to level 5 max. Once you have the obtained the Battle Tower, your trainer will allow you to raise your skills up to level 15.

Picture Name Type Comment
Whirlwind Whirlwind Active Damages the surrounding enemies with a chance of knocking them back. Useful on lower levels.
Rush Attack Rush Attack Active Attacks a single enemy from a distance with a multiplied damage. Not very useful because of the individual aspect.
Jump Attack Jump Attack Passive Increases the damage dealt with a jump. Works on an individual enemy only. Useful in the early part of the game.
Fatality Fatality Active Allows you to instantly kill an enemy after his health drops to a given level. Useful in the early part of the game.
Defensive Posture Defensive Posture Active Temporarily increases your defence against melee and ranged attacks.
Battle Rage Battle Rage Active Temporarily increases the damage done with melee attacks.
Life Leech Life Leech Passive A successful attack on an enemy turns a certain percentage of the damage into health points.
Bleed Bleed Passive A chance that the enemy bleeds out, additionally inflicts double damage.
Regenerate Regenerate Passive A must have skill! Automatic health recovery.
Thousand Strikes Thousand Strikes Active Series of quick strikes at, unfortunately, a single enemy. The damage is increased.
Death Blow Death Blow Passive Increases the chances for a critical strike.
Reflect Reflect Passive Deflects a percentage of the damage dealt by the enemies onto themselves.